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30+ Baby Announcements That Will Convince Anyone To Have A Baby

Raising kids is a huge responsibility. But, no matter how you got knocked up, or how your partner got knocked up, there’s always a point to be made: handle it with graciousness and a sense of humour! The encounters will grow on you over time. You’ll become a better cook, a faster diaper changer, a better listener to the baby’s cries, and you’ll find yourself attempting to reach for the pacifier before you even realize it. Whether your child is wailing or not, you will adore her. So each moment will be shared with your loved ones, with whom you will grow closer over time! In actuality, some of the couples have become so close as parents that they have decided to expand their family. There is simply enough love to go around. When couples announce their pregnancy to their friends and family, they often express this sentiment.

Gaming Console

Since the early 2000s, this gaming console has been a hit. Anyone can hit a golf ball as if they were on a multi-tournament course, or slice a tennis ball to land just past the net on the opposite court. People were frantically running around their living rooms, completely immersed in virtual reality. To play, however, you needed as many consoles as your members of the family.

Now that they’re expecting a new player to take part in the game, it’s safe to assume they should get a new console. They should probably have to play non-competitive games because it isn’t fair to declare war on the rookie. After all, competing against each other is so much more rewarding than playing as a team, at least until that kid learns to walk. Are you ready, player one?

Cooking Time

Marriage, like baking, necessitates accurate measurement to produce joy muffins. 2 cups all-purpose love, 3 teaspoons admiration, a half teaspoon boundaries, 3/4 cup respect, an egg, a cup of milky devotion, and 1/4 cup oil are the ingredients that people swear by. Preheat the oven to 205 degrees Celsius in Mom’s kitchen and pour the batter into muffin pan cups. Nuts on top!

Image courtesy of etsy

This should result in a perfect family serving. Share the good news with your friends – mommy will have another person to bake muffins for. When the timer goes off, the entire room will be buzzing with anticipation. Who isn’t excited to see how the baby develops?


James and Alisha Doherty, DC’s superheroes, were put in the spotlight in 2017. They’d spent several years saving the day, wandering the streets, and instilling fear in criminals’ hearts. They were regarded as a typical Nashville couple. However, the world learned of their secret superhero identity after this photoshoot.

Image courtesy of Screen Rant

Who thought it would take a baby for the human race to learn about Nashville City’s masked vigilantes? They used to wear their costumes to charity events, birthday parties, and fundraisers before this. The ecstatic parents are said to be overjoyed at the prospect of a Robin joining their team.

Another One

Assist Daddy in his search for the prophesied Chosen One through the cosmos and deep space. For millennia, the Chosen One has been regarded as the powerful Jedi capable of restoring balance to the three-child force. One piece of advice for Daddy: Do it or don’t do it. There is no such thing as trying.

Image Courtesy of Lulus

To maintain the balance from going crazy, those parents may need some lightsabers. It will undoubtedly be a lively home with a large energy field encircling the family. They may be swayed to one side or the other, but love will unify the galactic forces.

They Aren’t Happy

Take a gander at those children, who are resenting their parents’ decisions. Or should we say, the lack of family planning options? The oldest appears to have figured it out. After all, she’d already been through it twice. The younger sisters, on the other hand, aren’t keen on being older sisters to a new family member.

Image courtesy of The Bump

Because you’re the older sister, you have to share the spotlight. Someone else will receive all of the attention, while you will be given added duties. They hadn’t agreed to this! But, no matter how much they beg, their wailing won’t get them anywhere. In a few months, that baby will be born.

Player Two

This couple was debating how best to tell their friends and family about their new baby. They had a list of possibilities until dad’s gaze fell on the video game his child was trying to play. Mario had landed the flagpole—almost near the flag—and the little tyke had been leaping up and down, excited. It was obvious that the new member would be introduced as Luigi.

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

The easy part was dressing up Mario in his legendary red and blue outfit. It was a little more difficult to explain who would be player number two to him. Mario, on the other hand, joyfully clapped his hands and stood against the wall when they told him the news. After all, a game is more enjoyable when two or more people participate.

What’s The Song Title?

In the 1990s, this hit song was all over the radio. Vanilla Ice became famous as a result of it, but he also got himself into some trouble. Queen claimed that the singer had plagiarized a section of their song Under Pressure. The singer denied lifting a section of the song at first, but eventually confessed it. Despite this, the song has a catchy chorus.

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

You possibly would have guessed it if we had hummed it. How long did it take you to find out what this hit song’s name was? Look it up on Youtube or Spotify if you haven’t already. All of the bass sound was created by this lyrical poet. It’s still a smash hit among music fans thirty years later! Ice, ice, baby!

The Right Sign

This couple is about to have their first child. They had met a few years before and shared a passion for racing cars. It’s no surprise, then, that they announced her pregnancy in this manner – with a road sign by their side. This couple has no intention of slowing down.

Image courtesy of Ninja Journalist

There’s no way to get off track with daddy in the driver’s seat. He gently lifts his foot from the pedal and takes his wife’s hand in his, kissing it briefly before letting it rest on his lap. This couple has a long way to go; they have a lot of milestones to reach while still having gas in the tank. Guys, drive safely!


“Everybody makes a wrong turn once in a while”,” says Ash Ketchum. It had been this for Daddy. Mom had been poked by him. She’s also sprouting a Pokeball. Which character do you believe is developing on the inside? We believe the Psychic Exeggcute is among the 18 characters.

Image courtesy of What to Expect

There will be a lot of tears when this Pokemon escapes from her Poke ball. We recommend she calms it down with Razz Berries and sings it to sleep. She and her father can alternate. Managing a pokemon, after all, can be exhausting. We’re hoping she’s earning XP points.

At The Gas Station

This pair stopped at a gas station to fill their tires because they knew the drive home would be bumpy. Dad climbed over the side, connected the air hose, and then forgot to check the gauge pressure. He was rocking something heavy when he heard an explosion! This was a complete surprise to them.

Image courtesy of earthporm

But it was still a good one! Even Mommy was relieved that everything worked out as it did. Is it true that they were able to return home? They did, in fact. Because mommy took the wheel, the journey home was steady and peaceful. Dad was too preoccupied with the baby to notice anything else. We’d have been as well!

Time To Move Out

This is a last-ditch effort. Keep in mind that evicting people ruins your relationship with them. Kindness isn’t enough to run a business or keep a rental space occupied. You must serve them with an eviction notice, no matter how harsh it is. Take a look at this landlord: he didn’t let her sobs stop him from doing what was right! She’d taken over the crib and also the Gerber!

Image courtesy of Pregnant Chicken

Daddy seemed to have a great time breaking the news. Mommy was also in on it. She had visited a doctor and requested that a photograph of the prospective tenant be printed. They gave it to her just in case she didn’t want it. We’re hoping it didn’t make it to the courts. This will be an expensive hearing.

Getting The Roles

They discovered mommy was pregnant after sniffing her. They didn’t want her to feel anxious any longer, so they took care of her and their baby brother themselves. They decided to volunteer to try out the toys, smell the diaper, protect the baby, and keep its secret info – especially since it babbled gibberish.

Image courtesy of Huff Post

Everything was sealed and set in stone by proclamation. Mommy was overjoyed at the prospect of raising two vulnerable children. All that’s left now is to wait for the baby to arrive and introduce it to the rest of the family. They’ll stand at attention by its side and alternate watching over mommy.

Twice The Fun

Do you know what would be even better than learning you’re expecting a child? It’s discovering you’re expecting twins! That’s twice as much trouble and twice as much fun. We haven’t considered whether it’s cost-effective, given that both children require schooling at the same time. Mommy and daddy, on the other hand, can always take turns carrying the load.

Image courtesy of Fear52/ imgur

Mommy can bend over the toilet bowl on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as nausea takes its toll, while daddy could do the same on all the other days. Daddy will, of course, prepare mom’s pregnancy kit as well as her slippers, while she will be in charge of breakfast. They’ll be able to raise two healthy and sweet twins thanks to their collaboration!

Fur Kids + A Tiny Human

The parents, who have two fur-children, are frequently confronted with messes. They clean up after themselves or return toys to the toybox on a regular basis. Tin soldiers, as well as stuffed animals, are the common victims. Their children would occasionally destroy furniture. However, this had not deterred the parents from adding to their family.

Image courtesy of viral Luck

“What is a human baby, and how long before we share our toys?” the kids wonder, nervously looking at the camera. The excellent news is that mommy  will still love you and that there would be more toys after mommy gives birth to her baby. There will be more reasons to adore this family in the future!

Halloween Themed

Imagine having the wonderful time only to find out you’ll be a father soon. Then reality sets in. You soon see yourself working a ten-hour shift, six days a week, for ten years to pay off your mortgage and your child’s education. Isn’t that a creepy scenario?

Image courtesy of Daily Edge

It appears that the greatest way to deliver the news is to carve a pumpkin. After all, the purpose of carving is to ward off evil. Carve the baby’s form into it, and cross your fingers that the pregnancy test was a false positive. This isn’t the first time protection has failed.

Honesty At Its Finest

How do you make a relationship work? For one thing, you’d have to be completely honest all of the time. People change over time, and in order for a couple to grow together, they must give each other honest, but respectful, feedback. Excessively praise, but also take a break if necessary. We don’t want to make the same mistakes twice… as an example,

Image courtesy of music radar

Now that they’ve had four children, it’s time to think about other options for family planning. While we hoped this family was nothing but happiness, this brutal honesty makes for a pretty funny baby announcement! At the very least, he has her back while she gives birth to his fourth child.

No Chill Next Time, Just Netlifx

It’s difficult to keep up with so much Urban jargon. Back in 2009, “Netflix and Chill” meant nothing more than chilling out while binge-watching TV shows or movies. After a few years, it has become the standard response to the question, “Do you want to come up for a drink?” In actual fact, it’s more along the lines of “skip Netflix, I’m hot.”

Image courtesy of nouveleviestudios / Instagram

Those chill sessions grew in frequency until the parties agreed to spend the rest of their lives together. Isn’t it true that you wish everyone was like this? Pick your favorite chick flick and then fall in love with the guy sitting next to you. We’re really pleased with how this story ended up turning out.

Intel Baby

The majority of people had no idea what it was or how it worked. If you see Intel’s distinctive logo, however, your computer hardware contains a fairly reliable ultra-fast artificial brain. This clever mother revealed to the world that she, as well, had co-created a baby Luca with her husband, and that this is currently residing within her.

Image courtesy of letribunal dunet

This is the best of all the pregnancy announcements. It’s witty, succinct, and it conveys the message in just a few words. Plus, it’s a great way to start a conversation! You could use it to talk about specifications with other computer nerds or expectant mothers. How far have you progressed? Oh, and this is the Luca line’s seventh generation.

Stuffing Their Bellies

Ladies who are planning a pregnancy should anticipate some weight gain. The baby would get its energy from the fatty stores in her mother’s body. But that doesn’t mean she’ll enjoy the process of gaining weight. She’ll have trouble fitting into some of her clothes, as well as her shoes, by the end of the third trimester! So, in order to console this expecting mother, her child requested that everyone join her in binge-watching.

Image courtesy of The Bump

Isn’t that lovely? We think it’s a little too sweet, but a couple of doughnuts would be fine. After all, we’re just as excited as mom about the arrival of a new baby! We’ll lose weight with her after the baby is born. Then we’ll have to force ourselves to get back in shape.

Big Appetite

Her relatives had been hesitant to ask some questions about her pregnancy. They would ask her husband because they were afraid it would hurt her feelings. She didn’t understand why they were hesitant to speak up. So, to beat them to it, she responded in an amusing way possible.

Image courtesy of Fun Cage

She’s consuming enough food to feed two people! This product, unlike others, does not come with a handbook. Her husband had better deliver the food packet as long as she feels like bingeing on something! Lay it all at her feet, whether it’s carbohydrates, cake mixes, or popsicles. Her immediate family soon joined in with a weekly supply. What a delicacy!

Is It A Flu?

The day went on as it usually did in this family home. Till someone started complaining that they were sick. There were no sniffles or coughs, so it couldn’t be the flu. It wasn’t the heat, either. It was the middle of the month of December. So there was only one other possible explanation.

Image courtesy of I Love My Kids Blog

Daddy was belching over the bathroom sink every half-hour after mom did the test. With his head bowed over and his left hand clutching the pregnancy stick, he could not really believe it. It had been a pleasant surprise, but he had ambivalent emotions about it. It’s a positive thing the nausea passed quickly because he accepted the fact that she was expecting her third child.

More Than Just A Kiss

The roast chicken was placed on the table by Mommy. The fireplace crackled and hissed noisily as she went over to arrange the centerpiece. The special occasion was marked by the Bethlehem star. Tinsel and brightly colored wreaths were used to decorate the house. A white-robed angel stood atop the Christmas tree. A mistletoe wreath hung in the doorway. Mommy cast a playful glance at daddy as she returned to get plates. Who was the mischievous one?

Image courtesy of Powerful Mind

All three socks were hung by the fireplace by Daddy. Crackling twigs as well as woodblocks provided him with warmth. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Saint Nick had given them coal lumps, but it was only to their advantage because daddy threw more of them into the hearth. After all, being naughty isn’t so bad.

All About Chemistry

There are a lot of things that couples have in common. They have similar values, goals, and passions. The more complementary they are, the more presumably they are to have a long-lasting relationship. This expecting couple met on school grounds and hit it off after only a few minutes of talking. What do you think they talked about? Their passion for chemistry.

Image courtesy of My Moms a Nerd

As a result, the two nerds became best buds. She gave birth to a son not long after that. They had such a set of eyeglasses made for their child, knowing that he or she would follow in their footsteps. What other way could you top such a unique announcement?

People Prayed Too Hard

The Gardners had already been attempting for a child for years. They tried every other option that came to mind. They had enlisted the aid of local faith healers, purchased amulets, bathed in holy springs, and sought multiple medical opinions. However, we believe they tried too hard.

Image courtesy of Herald Extra

Because almost every single one of their prayers had been granted. In fact, it had received four responses. Sure, they appreciate the love and support they’ve received from family, but now they’ll need it even more as they prepare to become parents to four children… in one birth!

One More Pin

Grandma and Grandpa were not to be left out of the conversation. They didn’t want to draw too much attention to themselves, but they did want to spread the good news. What are your thoughts on her parents’ reaction? There had to be a few warm hugs and plenty of self-care advice.

Image courtesy of the write addiction

And besides, each pregnancy appears to be a first! Even as they prepare the nursery, this couple is unsure whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. They’d also be considering what they’ll call her, what her interests will be, and who she’ll be named after.


We were devoted viewers of his shows. For us, his artworks were meditative. The world vanished the moment his brush touched the canvas. You only had to concentrate on the color scheme and brush strokes. He’d say something simple but profound every now and then. So it’s no wonder that this couple chose Bob Ross’ quote as the basis for their announcement.

Image courtesy of Conservative Memes

This pleasant little mishap was a significant life event. We’re certain that Bob Ross’s positivity rubbed off on them, despite the sleepless nights. Nothing was too difficult for his painting to solve. Before we wrap up this episode, we’d like to wish them good luck with their painting and God’s blessings!

Potty Potty

This mama, embarrassed by her lack of control, told her daughter that number two was on the way. She quickly grabbed a roll and ushered her child to the restroom. This little girl was preoccupied with her own business, perplexed by her mother’s increasing need to use the restroom.

Image courtesy of Photography Katabara

Mommy had already been carrying baby number two, as it turned out! And as the weight of it grew heavier, it pressed against her bladder, having caused mommy to pee frequently. This little girl sits patiently on her potty trainer, casually sifting through the maternal book her mother is reading. How long do you think it will take Mommy to finish this task?

Who’s The Father?

You meet the love of your life on an ordinary day. She has a keen intellect, a contagious sense of humour, a protective streak, and a firm commitment to you and your relationship. You decide to tie the knot because you’re both undeniably attracted to each other. She bears a child in order to start a family. The sad fact is that you are not the biological father. Yikes!

Image courtesy of Ranker

You couldn’t be the father if you wished one and were in her shoes. They requested help. And it just goes to show how serious they are about starting a family of their own. This couple deserves a lot of praise. We won’t have to call Maury, I guess. It’s always been a unanimous decision!

Silent Night No More

Christmas brings good cheer and plenty of presents. That was the case for this family, who learned that a baby would be born soon. The child is due in May 2020, according to a stork with mail in its beak. They were overjoyed! Another sock would soon be hanging by the fireplace.

Image courtesy of parents

They have not been quiet for weeks before Christmas, to be honest. So it’s pointless to play coy and say your silent nights will cease in May 2020. Mommy and Daddy must’ve been partying like it was New Year’s Eve every night. When they did find out mommy was pregnant, they frollicked to the jingles like any other celebration.

Forming An Alliance

There’s one for every superhero. Thomas Kalmaku, a.k.a. Pieface, was the Green Lantern, while Batman had Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing, and Superman had Jimmy Olsen. There’s something comforting about having a second cape flapping. After all, we all need a little help now and then. It’s no surprise, then, that mom and dad ended up giving their lone child an alliance!

Image courtesy of What to Expect

With his new sidekick, he can scour the backyard, conquer new kingdoms, and fight crime. Furthermore, keeping his true identity hidden can be a difficult task. Having someone who understands who he is behind the mask relieves some of the pressure. He has the rest of his life to discover adventures with his new companion!

Breaking Bad

They make a strange couple. He’s a troublemaker, while she’s smart and popular. They turn to a life of crime out of desperation. They’ve only just started, destroying one baby at a time. This baby announcement is a huge success, just like the show!

Image courtesy of fansided

According to IMDB reviews, it has increased in popularity by 16 percent. The announcement has received positive feedback from users and critics, who are looking forward to the next episode of the show. Will you stick around for the entire season? Because we’ll be there! Who wouldn’t appreciate a good Berkel Babies drama thriller?

Under Construction

Many long-term couples claim to have strong foundations in their relationship. It was built on mutual respect, open communication, and unwavering love. Expecting a child is similar to a new relationship in that it is still in the early stages.

Image courtesy of Conservative Memes

It will fully form if you give it some time. The seed has been planted, and this baby will soon be born into the world and into the arms of its loving parents. We recommend that they wait until the paint has dried before proceeding. We would not like to mess up the nursery, do we?

It Came With A Manual

Having a child does not appear to be an easy task, based on the stories we’ve heard. It appears that our friends are putting in a lot of effort. They’ve complained about a baby who cries for hours at a time every night. Every cry sounds the same to an inexperienced ear. But your baby really wants something else: a diaper change, milk, or a lullaby. Is there any kind of instruction book for all of this?

Image courtesy of ORv/ Imgur

Locate the button that makes you self-destruct! If we discover it soon enough, it wouldn’t be too late. We hurriedly search the pages with a hammer in hand, until we start realizing there is no way to return or exchange this product. So, I guess we’ll just have to do it and learn as much as we can along the way.

Not Enough Space

You’d think that once word gets out that a new family member is on the way, everyone will be overjoyed. Those relatively close to the celebrants, on the other hand, would oppose. What is their grievance? Lack of space in the bed…and attention! A new baby, after all, will keep you awake all night.

Image courtesy of totally the bomb

She was adamant about not wanting to be a big sister! She didn’t want to learn how to change diapers because she was struggling with her ABCs. It’s not her top concern. She doesn’t want to share her scrunchies, either. But it’s a good thing she was raised in a loving family. Let’s hope that mommy and daddy are still happy.

How To Take Care Of Human

Everyone else in the family was eager to learn how to best care for the baby after learning that mom was expecting. Dad went to a local bookstore and purchased every pregnancy book they had. They were piled high on every desk in the house. Even their other “child” donned his glasses and devotedly studied the books.

Image courtesy of rferrar1 / Reddit

However, he desired to learn how to best preserve the status quo. He was accustomed to being the dominant dog. So why should it change simply because mom and dad are expecting a child? He could give them the nappies, soothe it to sleep, and then reward himself with treats. That is, after all, what nice boys do!


Due to her weight gain, she had been irritable. She’d be bending over the toilet in the mornings without so much as smooching daddy good morning. This had been concerning. As a result, they decided to see a doctor. They managed to figure out why she was acting so weirdly after running some tests.

Image courtesy of xraypod

It later turned out that her body has been changing to cater a child. Take a look at that young man, he’s eager to conquer the world. Mommy will protect, bathe, and feed him until then. They’ll conquer the world together in a few months, one baby small step at a time!

Taking After Who?

Mothers have a strong sense of intuition. They’ll know if they’re expecting a child without even taking tests. A missed period could be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea and frequent urination. It’ll just be to confirm what she already knows when she takes a pregnancy test. Regardless of how many times they go through it, we will always wonder what daddy did look like when he did find out mommy was pregnant.

Image courtesy of Pregnant Chicken

He basically looks the same as he did the very first time. Every pregnancy seems to be equally exciting and momentous. We’re hoping the excitement never wears off. Perhaps this time it will be a boy. Isn’t it exciting for Daddy to have a son who looks like him?

Tested Positive

Gore, blood, and ear-piercing screams abound in this post-apocalyptic horror film. Humans emerge from their mothers’ wombs. A woman tests positive for a condition that causes night sweats, nausea, and mood swings on a regular basis. It’s been dubbed the scariest movie scene, and it’ll be released in theaters in nine months!

Image courtesy of Walmart

If you haven’t seen 28 Days Later, trust us when we say it’s just as terrifying as seeing the two pink lines on a pregnancy test, — particularly if it was unexpected. Diapers, baby bottles, and breast pumps must now be purchased by the expecting couple. There is no other option if they want to make it through the next few years of child-rearing.

Upgraded Player

How you deliver the news about a baby sister or brother affects your child’s reaction. They may complain that the baby is attracting too much attention, taking up too much space, or consuming all of your time. They’ll probably react like this if you tell them they’ve earned credits for an upgrade.

Image courtesy of lauren cepernoud

Who doesn’t want to be promoted? Only those who have done an excellent job around the house are eligible for this. Sure, the newbie attracts a lot of attention, but the spotlight will be shared with the older sister. If you tell your child you’re having a baby in this way, she’ll know she has a place in the family and is just as loved as the newcomer. How about making room for the baby now?

Kinder Surprise

It’s a delectable dessert made up of two cream layers: cocoa as well as milk. Two chocolate-covered wafer balls are nestled between the layers and scream with delight! Did we mention that this sweets only uses up half of the egg compartment’s space? The other half is stuffed with a toy! So, do you buy a Kinder Joy because of the toy or because of the chocolate? Mommy declares that the surprise toy is her favorite!

Image courtesy of hthayat haberturk

A little surprise has grown in her stomach, thanks to their combined efforts. They’re just as excited to see the present inside as they are to see the treat – what does it look like, and what gender is it? Till then, they could start stocking up on all of the toys that come with each Kinder Joy item and gorge themselves on the sweet chocolate inside.

It’s Her Turn Now

Love comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. It knocks the wind out of you once you’ve been hit by it. Mel and Vanessa Roy had experienced it in the past. They decided to start a family of four after they married. “Just because you’re dating someone of the same gender doesn’t mean you can’t have children,” Mel explained. And they’ve already proven it twice!

Image courtesy of Igenomix

Vanessa gave birth to their son, Jax, in 2014. Mel gave birth to Ero a year later. It wasn’t a question of equality when they decided to have children together. It was a joint decision to go through pregnancy and childbirth, and it was an experience that brought them closer together. “We were both able to know what the other felt,” Mel goes on to say.


Having to wait for your child to arrive is similar to waiting for a computer to reboot or a website to load. It’s taking far too long! As a mother-to-be, you know how important it is to wait for your baby’s development. The system can sometimes lag, as it is in the first trimester till you feel the first several kicks or hear the baby’s heartbeat.

Image courtesy of powerful mind

Only then will you understand how incredible it is to bear a baby inside your womb. This waiting time allows you to mentally prepare for parenthood. Because you’re now trying to care for two people, you learn to be more patient and prioritize self-care. It’ll be completely ready for delivery before you know it!

Love For Cycling

Five years ago, Tiffany and Jon managed to meet. There were sparks flying around. They were both spiritual and cycling enthusiasts. They’d also eat their S’mores with crackers wedged between them. They found out they were expecting shortly after deciding to marry, and they enlisted the help of renowned photographer Laura Foote to announce their pregnancy at their baby shower. They rode tandem bicycles for the photo shoot.

Image courtesy of a bit of pop blogspot

You can enjoy cruising a trail if you’ve ever ridden one. Neither cyclist is having difficulty keeping up with the other. However, how will they manage with a baby on the way? It does so by attaching its tricycle to the tandem bike’s back end. They’ll be able to climb as a family in no time. They can ride a tandem bike for three people when their child is old enough.

You’re Out

After a baby is born, a lot of things change in a family. There’s a lot of crying going on, baby wipes all over the place, and wet upholstery. On top of that, each member has a different role to play. Daddy now has to navigate his way through the kitchen, where mommy used to cook. Even the dog is concerned about being kicked out of bed!

Image courtesy of huffpost

The excellent news is that he will have his own bed in the living area, close to the fireplace. He can snuggle up to the baby in their bed every now and then. That way, they’ll be able to bond quickly. Don’t feel anxious, doggo; it will only be for a little while.