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Grandparents Are Proof That Our Lives Are More Entertaining

Is your mother refusing to give you more money so you can buy a new comic? Ask grandma and grandpa; they’ll be happy to contribute. Need someone to support you? Run to gram and gramps. Grandparents are known to spoil their grandchildren, and they will be happy to know everything to make sure their grandchildren are happy. We all know grandparents come from a different generation as loving as they can be, and we find them hilarious when dealing with current situations. They may be surprised when we suddenly laugh at their actions, but they know no shame or embarrassment. After all, they know better. In this list, we will explore all the funny ways our nana and pops make our lives better.

No better security than grandma

Have you heard of people being robbed while withdrawing money from an ATM or immediately afterwards? This grandmother must have, which is why she is on the lookout for unscrupulous characters who may be planning a crime.

Image courtesy of mitoyonting/Reddit

You must not approach my granddaughter; she appears to be issuing a warning to everyone. Even though we know Grandma is feeble, we adore the idea that she is ready to defend her precious grandchild. Take a look at her posture. It wouldn’t surprise us if she carries pepper spray in her bag.

Grandma is the real “Rose”

Think you’re the only one who likes Leonardo DiCaprio now that Titanic has been released in theaters? Think again! Here’s Grandma announcing her love for the heartthrob to the world. She makes no apologies.

Image courtesy of JoshPatson/Imgur

Take a look at her portrait with “Jack” in it. She used a magazine cutout of Leonardo’s face to replace her late and less-than-attractive husband’s face. Her old version of Photoshop is quite nice, we think! We couldn’t tell it wasn’t real because it looked so real.

Grandma enjoys a prank or two

If you look at videos on YouTube and TikTok, you’ll notice that today’s world is full of pranks. Pranks have become a source of entertainment for people who have been quarantined for an extended period of time.

Image courtesy of The_Red_Spectre/Reddit

Although Grandma is older, she is not to be forgotten. Consider how she pranks Grandpa! We have to admit that she convinced us. Here we are, intently watching and anticipating a magic trick or two, only to be cheated on.

Left your clothes at home? Don’t worry

Grandparents can be amusing at times, despite the fact that they are well-intentioned. Andrew was staying with Grandma, but he informed her that he had forgotten to bring any clothing. Grandma, of course, assured me that it would not be an issue.

Image courtesy of Andrew Lowe/Twitter

Grandparents are experts at resolving minor issues like this. Grandma was happy to lend Andrew something to wear, despite the fact that it wasn’t what he had in mind. Grandma, we have to say, has a great sense of style.

Hair nests anyone?

Grandparents are among the most considerate creatures on the planet. They are a blessing from God! What does this grandma do with the massive amount of cat hair strewn about the house because she has a cat? She collects it.

Image courtesy of

She, on the other hand, does not discard any of it. She gathers them and pins them to trees to create the most opulent bird nests. Look at those clumps of cat hair on the tree, waiting to be turned into warm bird homes. It brings tears to our eyes.

Grandma patched up distressed jeans

Distressed jeans are one of the more dubious fashion trends to emerge in recent years. They have an old, worn-out appearance and are usually frayed all over. We may not understand why people would want to buy something that appears to be worn out on purpose, but that’s fashion for you.

Image courtesy of tymumt_082124/Twitter

This person wore distressed jeans, and when Grandma saw them, she did what any sensible grandmother would do: she patched them up, thinking they were falling apart. When her granddaughter returned home and saw her “new” pants, she couldn’t stop laughing.

Now this is a butter dish you can’t buy anywhere

Butter is an essential food item that should always be kept in the refrigerator. Do you have any freshly baked bread? It will be even more delicious if you slather it with butter. Do you want to make some pastries or cakes? Butter is required. Are you going to make some chicken pasta? Butter is a must-have.

Image courtesy of esteigs99/Reddit

This grandmother understands the importance of butter, and she always has something ready to use in her refrigerator. Take a look at her butter dish, for example. This isn’t something you’d see anywhere else. The only thing that’s missing now is the phone. Perhaps it’s also in the fridge.

Grandma is having fun with her new camera phone

The mobile phone was one of the things our grandparents did not do when they were younger. Most of them had no telephone. If you want to talk to someone back then it actually took weeks, even months, to get to the recipients, to put the pen on paper and write letters.

Image courtesy of Ska_Jones/Reddit

Consider waiting months for a response from someone. Fortunately, we now have high-tech phones with cameras as well. The grandmother of this guy had so much fun with her new phone. The house cat wasn’t so happy, though.

We can’t help but laugh at these grandparents

At times, grandparents do the most amusing things, and the best part is that they do so unintentionally. They never run out of things to make us laugh like this guy’s grandparents. At the mall, his grandmother and grandfather were waiting for him.

Image courtesy ofbigred1987/Reddit

They had no idea they were only a few feet apart, separated only by a massive tree trunk. We’re simply curious as to what the grandchild did. Did they confront them and inform them, or did they simply laugh at them for a few moments prior to doing so?

Fixing a speeding problem in the neighborhood

You will realize that if you know grandparents or elderly persons in general, they want peace, order and calm. They don’t like it when they don’t follow the rules and they want to do something about the rules that are not followed most of the time.

Image courtesy of namraka/Reddit

Take a look at this grandma who took it upon herself to address the problem of speeding in her neighborhood. She stood in her yard, hair dryer in hand, pointing at passing cars. This should slow them down. When they’re inside the car, they won’t be able to tell the difference between a speed gun and a hair dryer.

Grandmas want to make sure you’re not starving

If there’s one thing grandmas all over the world want to make sure their family, particularly their grandchildren, eats well, it’s that they eat well. When people are hungry, they can’t stand it. They will gladly enter the kitchen and prepare a delicious meal for you.

Image courtesy of 20dollarchill/Reddit

This man’s Italian grandmother visited Italy and when he opened her suitcase, it was full of Italian delicacies like saucers, pepperoni, hams and other delicacies when away from Italy. For the next two months, it will be protein loading.

Grandma likes her hair

Nothing makes grandparents happier than babysitting their grandchildren. They’ll gladly volunteer their services if you tell them you’re busy or have something urgent to attend to. They will not miss out on the opportunity to spend time with their grandchildren.

Image courtesy of xxJOHNNYUTAHxx/Reddit

When her grandson visits, this grandmother enjoys dressing him up in wigs. Because she’s had medical treatments in the past, she has a variety of wigs laying around her house. Look at how much fun that little kid is having while also being perplexed. Priceless.

Happy holidays everyone!

Is it a tradition in your family to send Christmas cards to friends and family every year? This is a tradition that many families follow, and they take Christmas photos with their entire family every year. This guy’s grandfather also wanted to join in the fun.

Image courtesy of GallowBoob/Reddit

As a result, he had photos taken to use for his Christmas cards, and the results are stunning. We would have no idea that the card was for the holiday season if it didn’t say “Happy Holidays.” Take a look at Grandpa’s poker face. He doesn’t appear to be pleased in the least. Grandpa, please smile next year!

No, grandma, that’s not a cross

Grandmas and their antics never fail to make us smile. We must recognize that our grandparents belong to a different period. Many of the contemporary conveniences that we take for granted today were not even invented when they were children.

Image courtesy of The_Man_Named______/Reddit

As a result, when they fumble, we must be patient with them. This grandmother thought she saw a cross and decided to hang it on the wall. Do you want to take a look at that? He didn’t have the heart to correct her, so he just let it go.

Grandpa is not enjoying his art therapy class

Painting is helpful to both your mind and body. It promotes relaxation, fosters an appreciation for the arts, enhances emotional well-being, and improves fine motor skills. Isn’t that something that your grandparents would be thrilled to do?

Image courtesy of stephenlloyd_dot_net/Reddit

Well, think again. Painting isn’t for everyone, especially this grandfather. In his painting class, he was having none of it. He painted a big NO on his canvass instead of a flower like the rest of the class. We have a feeling he won’t be in class the following week.

Grandma scolding a bird

Grandmas won’t put up with nonsense, so don’t mess with them. They may appear frail, but if you do something wrong, they will scold you, regardless of whether or not you are a person. That was painfully discovered by this pelican.

Image courtesy of Schnarf_Shnarf/Reddit

While standing on the pier, it tried to bite Grandma. Grandma became enraged. Who wouldn’t want to be bitten by someone or something? She became enraged and began berating the pelican. Buddy, you messed with the wrong person.

Medieval-themed wedding, you say?

Nowadays, themed weddings are very popular. It’s the ideal opportunity to make your special day a one-of-a-kind reflection of your and your partner’s personalities. Who are we kidding, right? It is primarily up to the bride to decide on a theme.

Image courtesy of

Grandpa was more than willing to participate in this couple’s decision to have a medieval-themed wedding. He pulled out all the stops and was dead on with his prediction. He even had a horse to help him arrive on time at the wedding.

The best photo ever!

This picture is not only amusing, but it also reminds us of the painting American Gothic. It’s a Grant Wood painting that’s currently on display at the Art Institute of Chicago. You should go see it if you ever find yourself in the state.

Image courtesy of I_like_meth/Reddit

Now, let’s return to the picture. Despite the fact that we can’t see Grandma, this is our favorite photo of Grandma and Grandpa. Grandpa is the one who uses a shovel to cover Grandma’s entire face. We believe they had a fight that day, and this is Grandpa’s not-so-subtle way of retaliating.

The last supper?

Grandparents have the strangest ideas from time to time, and this is a prime example. This grandmother realized it would be her last Christmas dinner, so she thought it would be a good idea to take a family photo.

Image courtesy of devanteswiing/Reddit

Grandma had everyone pose as if they were at the Last Supper, despite the fact that they aren’t particularly religious. Of course, everyone worked together and got all of the poses just right, resulting in a hilarious yet unique picture.

Moving and planning

Relocating from one home to another can be difficult and overwhelming if not properly planned. This grandmother wanted to make sure she didn’t have any issues when she moved, so she meticulously planned and considered every detail.

Image courtesy of er750/Reddit

She spent over 30 hours meticulously creating a scale model of her room and furniture. However, the actual move took only a tenth of that time. But, hey, at the very least, she was well-prepared and didn’t take any chances.

Bye, bye phone

Have you ever dropped your phone and spilled something on it? When it comes to drying your phone, one of the most common myths is that you should put it in rice. We don’t know if this works because we haven’t tried it, but it appears that many people believe it.

Image courtesy of EthiopianChica/Reddit

When this man spilled something on his phone, he asked his grandfather to dry it out in rice. Grandpa can’t be blamed if he misunderstood because as you get older, your hearing becomes less reliable. Grandpa made the mistake of putting the phone in the rice cooker, which was obviously disastrous. The phone was completely dry.

Best Halloween costume ever

You say it’s Halloween? It’s the ideal time to play the part of someone else. A unicorn, an astronaut, a taco, or Marilyn Monroe are all possibilities. Choosing a single costume can be difficult at times. There is also a great deal of competition to consider.

Image courtesy of moonicourt/Reddit

This grandfather, on the other hand, knew exactly what he wanted to be, and no one was going to stop him from becoming Princess Leia of Star Wars fame. He also brought in R2D2 to complete the look. We’ll be very disappointed if this doesn’t win best Halloween costume.

Grandma’s decorative rock

The majority of grandmothers have one-of-a-kind trinkets that they display throughout the house. Some may be souvenirs from their travels, while others may be kitschy gifts from friends or items they discovered. Her “decorative rock” is a favorite decoration of this grandmother’s.

Image courtesy of vocivus/Reddit

It’s a giant and old jawbreaker candy, not a rock. This grandchild’s grandmother, on the other hand, lacks the courage to tell her. We think she should just go along with it if it makes her grandmother happy. Allow Grandma to relax and enjoy her rock.

Knitting grandma

Knitting and other needlework are two activities that most grandmothers enjoy doing in their spare time. Knitting is a technique for manipulating yarn to create fabric or textiles. From sweaters to mittens, grandmothers knit everything.

Image courtesy of Purple_PickleCat/Reddit

This grandma is no exception. She chose to knit a small sombrero for her grandchild’s hamster instead of knitting something for her many grandchildren. Aww, grandma is so sweet to do that. Grandma probably did it quickly with her skills, but it’s the thought that counts.

Don’t disturb the grandparents

Don’t you despise it when salespeople come to your door and ring the doorbell? You wouldn’t have waited for salespeople to sell you something if you wanted to buy something. That didn’t go over well with the grandparents.

Image courtesy of DustinCSmith/Reddit

As a result, they made sure they had two doorbells, one for important visitors and the other for unimportant visitors. Salespeople? Please press trivial. Are your grandchildren coming to visit? Please report on important visits. Just make sure you understand which category your visits belong in.

Those glasses look good on you grandpa

Hello, Batman. He’s also known as the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, and the Defender of Gotham. He is one of the most well-known characters in the world today, and he has been portrayed by a number of actors in films and television shows.

Image courtesy of AfrikaPanther/Reddit

The Batman costume is one of the most popular Halloween costumes. Just walk into any costume store and you’ll understand what we’re talking about. This guy discovered Batman glasses and left them in his vehicle. His grandfather came across them and sent him this picture.

Yes, you must exercise regularly

Follow Grandma’s advice and exercise on a regular basis. A daily workout has numerous health benefits for both the body and the mind. It releases endorphins, which help you lose weight, lower your risk of heart disease, quit smoking, and improve your mood.

Image courtesy of

Grandma isn’t convinced that all those ridiculous Peloton bikes are worth buying. She prefers to exercise with a wooden block. What kind of workout does she do? By walking around the wooden block on the floor. Simple, but very effective.

You’re recording the show wrong, grandma

We can now easily take pictures and record videos with a single, small device thanks to smartphones. There’s no need for massive cameras that are both bulky and heavy. This grandmother decided to record the halftime show because she was having so much fun.

Image courtesy of natsdorf/Reddit

She might have wanted to re-watch the show when she got home. The only issue was that she wasn’t properly recording it. It’s a shame that her face and fingers appear in half of the video. Someone, thankfully, corrected her.

Cool grandparents

What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to be the hip grandparent? Or how about being the grandparents who never stop spoiling their grandchildren? Even if we were old, we would want to have a good time.

Image courtesy of totallynotdoogie/Reddit

Take a look at these grandparents; even at their advanced age, they are still riding their motorcycle. Grandma in the back seat appears to be having more fun than Grandpa in the driver’s seat. This is something that more middle-aged people need to see. In a few years, this could be them.

Tweety’s grandma on the bus

You’re probably familiar with Tweety Bird if you grew up watching Looney Tunes like we did. Even today, the yellow canary is a popular cartoon character. If you remember Tweety, you should also remember his grandma.

Image courtesy of cameragirlsp/Reddit

Granny, as she was known, was a sweet widow who was fiercely protective of her pet canary. Who’d have guessed she’d be seen on the bus without her favorite bird? Sure enough, that’s Granny on her commute.

Grandma discovering Facebook

Friendster was a social media platform that existed before Facebook that allowed people to connect. The competition was quickly decimated when Facebook was launched in February of 2004. It is now one of the most widely used social networking sites.

Image courtesy of Goldierenee/Reddit

This person’s grandmother’s best friend is one of the millions of Facebook users around the world. She appears to be having a good time on the platform, and she made sure that everyone knew it by posting a similarly amusing profile picture.

Elves suffering from diarrhea

When it comes to Christmas, Santa has a lot on his plate. There are a lot of letters to read, and millions of gifts to prepare and deliver to children all over the world who have been good and are waiting for their due rewards.

Image courtesy of FrogusTheDogus/Reddit

Of course, elves require nutrition to carry out their duties, but eating too much can cause an upset stomach. That’s something this elf learned the hard way, and Grandma was more than happy to share it with the rest of the world on Facebook.

Grandma the controversial baker

Baking, specifically bread baking, began in ancient Greece around 600BC. As a result, enclosed ovens were invented, allowing all the good stuff to be made. We’ve come a long way since then, and now we bake pastries and cakes in addition to bread.

Image courtesy of MorDeCaza/Reddit

For her 69th birthday, this baking grandmother wanted to make something special, and her granddaughter was more than happy to share her creation with the world. Grandma appears to be a feline lover, judging by the cats on her cake and other items. Grandma, on the other hand, is a master baker.

Grandma’s got her card

Many people believe that grandmothers, no matter where they are from in the world, have a striking resemblance. We’re not sure that’s entirely true, as grandmothers come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities all over the world.

Image courtesy of MissAshley214/Reddit

One grandma, however, looks eerily similar to a well-known grandmother who frequently appears on greeting cards. Everyone, we’re excited to show you that grandma’s pose, stance, face, body, clothing, and accessories. The resemblance is unmistakable.

Be your own cheerleader

Don’t let the world pull you down, and don’t wait for others to help you get back on your feet. Because you have no one else to rely on but yourself, you must be your own cheerleader. Don’t worry if you’re going through a rough patch; things will get better soon.

Image courtesy of CarlNicklin/Reddit

Be more like this grandmother, who used social media to respond to one of her family members. What does she do when she has a hard time waking up early in the morning? She talks to herself on Facebook so that everyone can see how well she hypes herself up.

Grandpa’s car servicing diary

Most grandparents keep journals or notes, especially when they begin to forget things. They want to recall exactly what they purchased, what they did, and where they went. This grandfather kept meticulous records of his car’s maintenance.

Image courtesy of Young_Guy_Old_Soul/Reddit

We must admit that the last entry is quite amusing. How is it possible for a car to commit suicide? Maybe he’d been driving for so long that all he wanted to do was retire and be replaced by a newer, younger vehicle. The sad thing is that he was not honored with a memorial service.

Seems like grandma had a naughty and nice time

Cruises were once one of the most popular ways to explore new places while relaxing at the same time, before the pandemic struck. Ships the size of floating cities not only transported passengers, but also entertained them. If you haven’t been on one yet, you should do so right away.

Image courtesy of yes_no_yes_yes_yes/Reddit

Grandma seemed to be having the time of her life on her New Year’s cruise. Perhaps this is why the family was only able to facetime her for the duration of the trip. She was preoccupied with the cruise’s entertainment. Grandma knows how to have a good time, as evidenced by this.

Grandma is surely having fun!

Have you ever been to a sporting event and become ecstatic because your team scored a touchdown or won? If you’ve been, you’ll understand Grandma right now because you’ve experienced what she’s going through. She’s having a blast.

Image courtesy of TooShiftyForYou/Reddit

We believe she placed a bet with a friend, and her team won. She’s like saying, “Oh yeah! I got your $100 now!” Look at her doing a little dance and flashing her chest at the camera. Grandma, keep it up! 

Grandma’s dirty little secret

We believe that everyone, including our dear, loving, and thoughtful grandma, has skeletons in their closets after witnessing this. We don’t always know what our grandparents are doing, and we don’t always want to know.

Image courtesy of L0rdtater/Reddit

Look what this guy found in his widowed grandmother’s kitchen when he rummaged through some jars. Nobody knew Grandma wore Calvins and was a huge fan of Albert Einstein. It must be a lot of fun doing theoretical physics with those on.

Grandma doesn’t like swear words

Reading is an activity that we desperately need to bring back. Nowadays, most children would rather play on their tablets or phones than curl up with a good book. Reading strengthens brain connections, alleviates stress, and aids in sleep preparation.

Image courtesy of puckumiss91/Reddit

Even Grandma enjoys reading. Look at how she’s underlining words in her book. Most people would highlight new words or passages that are significant to them, but not this grandmother! She’s using white-out to correct and replace all of the swear words in the book.

Date my granddaughter, please

Grandparents are simply adorable. They will go to any length for their grandchildren, including assisting them in finding a boyfriend or husband. This grandmother had to be sick of asking her granddaughter when she was getting married every time she came to visit.

Image courtesy of dubberDave/Reddit

As a result, she decided to set up a Tinder account for her granddaughter. She also didn’t just post any photo of her granddaughter; she used one of her holding her granddaughter’s graduation photo, along with a note stating that she is still single. She wanted to be clear that she was single and looking for love.