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Strange Happenings That Shouldn’t Have Happened In A Million Years But Did

Fate has a habit of surprising us when we are least expecting it. There’s no denying we all need some humorous relief with everything going on around us. There’s nothing quite like discovering ordinary items that become extraordinary with only a few modifications. As chance would have it, we’ve assembled a list of some of the most bizarre coincidences you’ve never heard of but which have been documented in all their splendor. These coincidences, which range from people wearing the same clothes to being in the right place at the right time, don’t happen very often, and we often mistake them for typical events. Let’s look at some of the most bizarre coincidences that you might not think are true.

Karma Knows Best

Nobody wants to tamper with karma because they know it never forgets. Karma will always repay you in the same coin or more, no matter how long it takes. When you try to trick someone, it can sometimes reverse most abruptly.

Image Courtesy of Taringa

Believe karma to serve the food cold, and there was photographic evidence this time. This lady thought it amusing to make a two-finger sign behind her head and give her buddies bunny ears. The ruse, however, backfired when her rabbit sign cast a shadow on her own head. Who’s the one who’s laughing now?


Nowadays, there’s a popular meme depicting two Spider-Mans pointing at each other, blaming the other for being a copycat. As he was reporting on late-night television, this reporter must have felt the same way on this particular day.

Image Courtesy of Best Criminal Lawyer Near South Bend/Facebook

We wish he has a valid case since otherwise, his mother will have to explain why his long-lost sibling is now a criminal. He had no notion he was accusing himself of armed robbery when he returned to work on that fateful day. You can imagine his surprise when he saw the robber’s pencil sketch, which looked just like him.

Perfect Surname

A dream for many parents is for their children to become famous performers, prestigious doctors, or lawyers. Matthew’s career had already been planned before he was born, which was unfortunate for him. It’s all about the name.

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Matthew was hailed as a media powerhouse from the outset, so he did as his name suggested and became a correspondent. Although this could be a mistake on the part of the news organization, Matthew can rest comfortably that his new surname of “Correspondent” will open doors for him.

The Perfect Camouflage

This is an image that only pet owners would understand. Dogs are as sociable as they come, whilst cats are their usual aloof selves. They adore you when they want to, but they ignore you most of the time. Cats, in most situations, are not only masters of stealth but also of camouflage. When you can’t find your favorite pet, you know how it feels.

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Cat lovers will tell you that their pets have a variety of antics up their sleeves. These animals almost caused their owners a heart attack when all they saw was a set of eyes staring back at them as the cat blended in perfectly with the surroundings. Do you see one or more cats? This would make a great book about optical illusions.


You must have believed as a child that there was a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow — don’t worry, we all did (just like believing in Santa). Thanks to science, we know better now, yet it doesn’t stop us from being fascinated by rainbows. This one is so close to being picture-perfect!

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There is, however, a different idea about the origin of a rainbow. According to photographic evidence, rainbows came from a strip mall, and there’s more where that came from. Maybe there’s a pot of gold or a pot of golden Nikes at the end of the rainbow if we’re talking about the parking lot.

Almighty Gandalf

A chance to meet their favorite wizard, Gandalf, will always be treasured by Lord of the Rings fans. He was discovered on a city bus, ironically, on his way to attend some important business. Maybe he was on his way to a ring conference or a barbershop?

Image Courtesy of Daily Mail

Interestingly, not everyone was enamored with the mighty magician, as the man behind him appears to be taking a morning nap. Surprisingly, his arch-nemesis, Saruman, immediately follows him, and we suspect he’s up to something nefarious. We only wish we could have been there for the famous bus race. Isn’t it possible to fantasize?

Perfect Way to Blend In

What’s the greatest strategy to stay hidden in a game of hiding and seek? Hiding in plain sight is a good idea. This man will be difficult to identify because he looks like a gigantic traffic cone in this construction zone. We’re sure he enjoys the popular television show Orange Is the New Black, and VLC is his favorite company and media player.

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He couldn’t pass up the opportunity to flaunt his orange and white ensemble in a flawlessly blended setting, so he took a ton of photos to promote on Instagram. We would have assumed we were gazing at a walking traffic cone if it had been nighttime. Sincere blunder!

New Celebrity

It’s not simple to become famous in a tiny town. There are times when all you want to do is sit at the bar and drink a beer quietly. Celebrities, as you may be aware, have little to no privacy wherever they go. The local bar is no different.

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This guy got a glimpse of famous life when he went to the bar for some alone time only to be caught on camera. So much for being anonymous. Is it possible that it’s his long-lost twin? We would have been caught off guard by the striking resemblance. Imagine discovering you have a twin via television!

Monster and a Cookie

The oddest couple can sometimes create the best couple. In actuality, cookies and monsters have no relationship, but they may be a formidable force when they team up. This was the case at this pub, where we met two men who may lay claim to being WWE’s top tag team.

Image Courtesy of College Humor

Independently, they are unremarkable, but together, they create the terrifying Cookie Monster group. These two were arguing about their famous sports team at the pub when someone snapped a photo of them demonstrating their potential. We hope they take it a step further and try the cookie monster.

Double Vision

We’re confident that a drunk individual will struggle to comprehend this image. These are the kinds of images that make drunks swear they’ll never drink again. What’s more perplexing than watching two people performing the same thing on a metro train at the same time?

Image Courtesy of Taringa

The twins on the left are the one saving grace; you’ll know you’re not insane because they’re not dressed similarly. But it didn’t help matters that each set of twins had an identical facial expression. They have a very similar appearance. They most likely shop at the same place!

Trendy Nerd

It’s difficult to combine blonde and nerd, but when done well, you’ll look and feel like a supermodel. You can tell he’s feeling like America’s next top model by the smile on his face, but who can blame him? Who wouldn’t be interested in that?

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Several people believe he’s one of Hollywood’s top stars who’s attempting to keep it cool due to his remarkable likeness to the person on the poster. He wouldn’t have any trouble obtaining the hot chicks now. He resembles a younger, cuter version of the model on the wall.

Luigi’s Mansion and Mario’s Castle

Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto, the creators of Mario Bros., never expected the game to be as popular as it was published in 1983. The game was so popular that restaurants bearing the names of the game’s main protagonists, plumber brothers Mario and Luigi, cropped up in practically every city across the world.

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Thanks to these restaurants, you can now eat freshly baked dishes, burgers, kebabs, and pizza while being surrounded by your favorite gaming characters. However, keep an eye out for shells lurking in the corner, waiting to knock you out when you least expect it.

Tourist’s Nightmare

Siófok is a popular holiday destination in Hungary. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country, thanks to its magnificent beaches. Unfortunately, this vacation paradise may quickly turn into a tourist trap when the weather decides to play up.

Image Courtesy of navbharattimes

The streets of Siófok became flooded after several weeks of severe rain, with the water rising to a height of a few feet. Not everyone, however, was having a bad time, as the model on this billboard can now finally surf her way to freedom. A tourist’s nightmare is a model’s paradise.

Perfectly Named

There are a few things that all humans agree on, and one of them is our shared hatred of cockroaches, particularly those that fly. We’re sure you can recall a roach invading your personal space and acting as though it belonged there at one point or another. Worse, if you don’t get rid of them, they have the audacity to multiply at will.

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When confronted with a bug, we immediately seek the closest weapon available. Thankfully, it was none other than “The Smashing Book,” as the title suggests. As a warning to other roaches, we’ll leave this book out in the open.

Nailed It

Anxiety manifests itself in a variety of ways in each of us. Some people have weird habits that they indulge in while they’re lost in contemplation, particularly on a long bus ride or metro ride. The woman on the right appears to have had a tough day at work.

Image Courtesy of

A thousand things raced through her head at the same time, prompting her to revert to her old habit of chewing her nails. We regret to inform her that we have awful news for her. Karen next to her is trying to warn her about the perils of nail-biting, which can be fatal, in a not-so-subtle manner.

Chocolate Head

Nothing beats being at a kid’s party for exhaustion. Not only will you have to keep an eye out for them, but you’ll also have to make sure they’re having a good time. This is also the finest opportunity to meet other parents while learning about your child’s peers.

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Even if this event is entertaining, there are plenty of other places you would rather be. You have no choice but to make yourself happy, and the easiest way to do so is to match a piece of chocolate with the heads of people. Today is your lucky day because you’ve found your soul mate.

Listen Up

Being the guy with the vanity license plates is difficult. Fortunately for him, he is astute enough to recognize that everyone adores dogs, which is the only thing keeping him from being mocked at the moment. Everyone is impressed by the adorable puppy’s party trick: he can raise one ear while humbly smiling.

Image Courtesy of

We can’t wait to see how cute this puppy is in action. We’ll overlook the fact that he’s a “vanity license plate man” because of his puppy. At the very least, the license plate honors its name. Imagine how the cars behind you would be wondering if there was a dog in the rear seat. “1earup? Is it some bizarre Left for Dead username?”

The Moon on a Crane

Humanity is on the verge of taking space travel and research to new heights. Except for crewless spacecraft, we haven’t been able to repeat the accomplishment since Neil Armstrong performed the unfathomable in 1969. If a man cannot travel to the moon, the moon will travel to man — even if it is on a crane.

Image Courtesy of Taringa

We can now shift the moon around as we like. We can now save NASA millions of dollars on those expensive rocket launches, thanks to this. Is there any more room? Please give us a seat as well. And can we talk about how stunning that backdrop is? The pink cascading mountains had us speechless!

Life Imitating Art

Everyone responds to art differently, and this image was guaranteed to attract this man’s eye. No one could have predicted how much attention this two-color picture in the Art Institute of Chicago would receive — but it did.

Image Courtesy of tilestwra

This gentleman intended to take advantage of everything the institute had to offer; nevertheless, he had no idea that his jacket, which complemented the artwork precisely, would make him a star attraction. He received more attention than he anticipated, but on the plus side, he made a boring artwork exciting and became an overnight online star.

Jack Nicholson

In Hollywood, Jack Nicholson does not need to be introduced because he is one of the most renowned performers. He has won many Oscars for his roles in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Chinatown, and The Shining.

Image Courtesy of Business Insider

Jack makes a surprising debut in the historical period musical Les Misérables, which may shock some. Even though it was only a cameo, he made the most of it by dressing up in the Jack Nicholson style and appearing on the movie’s poster with that trademark Kubrick grin.

Life of A Street Sign

Everyone knows how difficult it is to live on the streets. Street signs aren’t exempt, as they go through a lot throughout their lives. They must perform their duties at all hours of the day and night, rain or shine. Because they embody the name of their street, street signs are compelling.

Image Courtesy of Acid Cow

These indications, like humans, grow tired, require rest, and occasionally have to attend to other matters. On the other side, other signs, like this Fell Street sign that has nearly given up, live true to their names. Is it possible that this sign was placed on purpose? In any case, it was a wise decision, and we are grateful.

The Time Traveller

After more than a decade of playing top-flight football, Mesut Ozil can look back on his football career as a big success. What most people don’t realize is that the Germans’ success is more than meets the eye. We’re sure you’ve heard of Ferrari (and we’re sure Zil has one in his garage) — the founder and Zil have a lot in common.

Image Courtesy of Taringa

One could even argue that they are the same person who has lived in different eras. We wouldn’t be surprised if some conspiracy theorists said the Arsenal playmaker was manufactured at a Ferrari facility. These photographs usually make us wonder if we have a lookalike somewhere in the globe.

The Perfect Camouflage

If you don’t look closely the next time you go shoe shopping, you’ll miss these next to undetectable flip flops. Except for the obvious price tag, the flip-flops design fits in so well with the shelf that you’ll think it’s an empty spot.

Image Courtesy of

Most people are probably unaware of this shoe store game. They use natural camouflage to disguise some of their best deals so that only the most observant clients can locate them. We’re not sure if this is a huge reduction or if the shoes are merely inexpensive, but we’re confident most people won’t notice either way.

Out For Blood

Nothing is more terrifying than a vampire on the loose. The only issue is that this vampire isn’t limited to the darkness and can walk around during the day. This vampire was eager to get his next prey, so he went where he could get his blood fix.

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He then proceeded to the Australian Red Cross, where he raided the blood bank. The authorities will have no trouble identifying him thanks to his personalized ‘Vampyr’ plates. He can be found at the bar, drinking a bloody Mary, in his actual form.

In Order of Priority

Some people’s lives must have been challenging at the turn of the century. Several rules have thankfully been modified, and laws are no longer as strict as they once were. Even babies, it appears, are now battling for the same rights as adults.

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We assume they were successful in obtaining a reduced drinking age for themselves. When grocery stores realized they had no choice because newborns require more than baby food, they had to jump on board. They’ll need a bottle of Heineken as well, so they’ll have to stock up.

Brainy Birdy

Even though bird watching isn’t as popular as it once was, this man seemed to enjoy it. He didn’t have to wait long to be approached by one of the birds he had read about in detail in his book. The birds appear to recognize his fascination with them as they enable him to have a closer look.

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He can now compare what he sees in the book to what he sees in the actual world. He doesn’t need binoculars anymore since he’s attracting birds like Snow White, the Disney princess. The bird must have been drawn to the other birds in the book, mistaking them for mates on a related topic.

Ominous Warning

When you accomplish significant life milestones, the greatest approach to commemorate the occasion is to acquire personal things or memorabilia. The most important day of many people’s lives is their wedding day. They’ve been looking forward to this day for years, and nothing could destroy it.

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This wedding couple is excited to begin their life together, so they picked up a copy of the day’s newspaper to commemorate the occasion. Unfortunately, the headline appeared to be a foreboding warning, but they took it all in stride. Perhaps they’ll be on the lookout for papers with stronger headlines next time.

Nature Look

Thanks to this lady, we now have a new haircut known as the “palm tree,” thanks to this lady. This hairstyle was inspired by the structure of a palm tree and can be found in frigid cities. Palm palms are well-known for bringing a surge of tropical enthusiasm and a sense of warmth to a location.

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Another benefit of this well-known hairdo is that it may be used as a lovely houseplant. You can bet that the lady will take the sunny Florida video with her wherever she goes. The nicest thing about this haircut is that it will keep you in touch with nature at all times.

Just A Coincidence, Calm Down

With this wonderful coincidence captured on camera, so many things are going right. To begin with, these two trucks were parked side by side on the highway, identical in shape and color. Then there’s another, more obvious (and amusing) coincidence.

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When they pulled up, we knew they were going to be trouble. Taylor Swift is fortunate to have a moderately common name and surname, which allows her to relish the knowledge that this wonderful coincidence has a chance of occurring.

Mountain or Stomach?

This man only wanted to relax on the beach and enjoy the sun. He had selected his favorite beach along the South China Sea and began tanning when he observed something amusing. Despite his long-term plans to go to the gym, he was reminded of how his stomach looked.

Image Courtesy of mytawau/Facebook

The mountains around the shore were the most unlikely source of this reminder. Not only did he make everyone around him laugh, but he also rekindled his desire to start working out — but only after he finishes the burger he brought to the beach.