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Wild Treehouses That Actually Exist

Prepare yourself because these aren’t your average backyard treehouse creations. It’s not simply a treehouse…it’s a work of art!

Danilchik Family Residence

Now, this treehouse is innovative, to say the least! Check out the Swiss chalet-style home that the Danilchiks live in…yes, an actual family resides in this treehouse amongst the Washington state Red Cedar trees. During a 2010 interview with Safe Arbor, Heidi and Paul Danilchik spoke about living in the treehouse for the last five years with their then-eight-year-old daughter. Heidi explained, “I grew up above the tree line.” Her late father was an avid mountaineer. After he passed in 2001, Heidi and her mother found comfort in reading about nature and that led them to something called The Treehouse Book. The next thing they knew, Heidi was contacting the author and enlisting his company to construct a special treehouse home for them. The rest is history.

Soneva Kiri Treepod

Attention any travelers looking to visit Thailand…go to Koh Kood and their amazing Soneva Kiri Resort. There you can experience treepod dining. So you enter the bamboo pod while it rests on the ground and then they hoist you into the rain-forest canopy. Also you have a gorgeous view of the shoreline. Up there you get to enjoy a lovely meal served to you by a waiter on a zipline!Soneva Kiri Treepod

Soneva Kiri Treepod

Nothofagus Hotel

Looking to experience a real-life fairy tale? Try visiting Patagonia’s Nothofagus Hotel in Chile. Fun fact, The Little Prince is the story that inspired the hotel and spa’s design. Enjoy a relaxing stay in the middle of the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. The treehouse hotel was built, as you may have guessed from the name, in the shape of a southern beech or Nothofagus tree. The entire thing is made of wood and blends right into the rainforest.Nothofagus Hotel

Nothofagus Hotel

UFO Treehouse

Here’s a more eccentric treehouse thanks to Sweden’s Treehotel. This UFO room sticks to the space theme through and through. Come on, this one just speaks for itself. Who wouldn’t want to stay in a UFO themed treehouse?UFO Treehouse

UFO Treehouse

Free Spirit Sphere Treehouses

Now, this treehouse is unlike the others because you can actually buy or rent this one. Designer Tom Chudleigh created these wooden spheres for people worldwide. You’re able to hoist the treehouse sphere up into the canopy or leave it to rest on the ground.Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse

Free Spirit Sphere Treehouse

Finca Bellavista

Anyone else catching the travel bug? After seeing pictures of Fina Bellavista, we definitely are itching to visiting Costa Rica. Here at their sustainable treehouse community, guests are able to zipline from one treehouse to another. How awesome! There’s also the option to buy a parcel and build your own treehouse instead of staying in one of theirs.Finca Bellavsita

Finca Bellavsita