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Unbelievable Tropical Destination Homes That Will Break The Bank

Whether you have a fabulous $100 million to drop or you just love to window shop, we’ve traveled far and wide to find the ultimate tropical beach front destination homes from around the world. Now we’re also certified city slickers, but sometimes it’s well worth escaping the smell of the subway for the sand between your toes. In fact, nothing truly beats the smell of the ocean or waking up every morning in paradise. Trust us, these homes are actually breathtaking… and since most of us can only dream of one day buying a slice of tropical luxury real estate, here are three of the most unbelievable homes on the market.

Tropical Paradise: Mandalay

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, in Mandalay near Grace Bay in Providenciales, Turks, and Caicos to be precise, we can’t stop gazing at this spectacular tropical view. This breathtaking villa offers an exotic blend of traditional, Caribbean-style architecture with an immaculate, modern twist. The villa comes complete with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and a massive multi-level pool. There are also numerous cascading waterfalls and an elaborate central spa. If that’s not enough, the villa is encircled by crystal clear tropical water, and we’re already wondering why we aren’t living here. The good news is that this villa can be yours too, for a mere $15 million. Even better, you can rent this during vacation season for just $50K per week…which gives us even more incentive to start saving until we’re probably retired, just so we can spend a week here!Tropical Paradise Mandalay

Tropical Paradise Mandalay

Caribbean Hideaway: Villa Katsura

Situated in a secluded part of the Virgin Gorda, part of the British Virgin Islands, the magnificent Villa Katsura offers the ultimate Caribbean hideaway. The luxurious property was intricately designed by the infamous landscape architect Hoichi Kurisu, who is celebrated for his healing gardens and rock landscape creations. As part of its charm, the villa was only constructed using top quality materials, such as Tiger Wood, European Larch and Western Cedar Woods from around the world. The villa is nestled within three acres of immaculately manicured gardens, which is decked with exquisite waterfalls, scenic koi ponds, stone walkways, bamboo groves and ambient lighting. Just in case you wanted a break from seclusion, you can also have full access to the nearby Little Dix Bay Resort to combine the best of both worlds.Caribbean Hideaway Villa Katsura

Caribbean Hideaway Villa Katsura

Hawaii’s Finest

If you’re looking for the ultimate paradise-level dream, then Hale ‘Ae Kai in Hawaii certainly ticks all the heavenly boxes. The extravagant residence is listed at around $70 million and tallies as one of the most expensive beachfront destinations on the planet. It seems not that surprising that the property was reportedly built by a Morgan Stanley gazillionaire William H Strong and his wife Sandi. The magnificent estate has the benefit of overlooking the island’s breathtakingly high mountains and deepest reefs, and that’s just the beginning. The estate is encircled by 15 tropical acres of land, including a farm and exotic palm, coconut, lemon, lime, banana, and grapefruit trees. Once you enter the gated property, you’ll be greeted by four large Balinese-inspired pavilions, textured wooden architecture, and cascading water views. The estate comes complete with a state-of-the-art home gym, a gourmet kitchen, expansive bedroom suites, an infinity pool, magnificent outdoor space and a private passageway to the crystal clear beach. All this can be yours for a mere $10K per night, so you better start saving!Hawaii's Finest

Hawaii’s Finest