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WD-40 Uses That Are Mostly Unknown

Many people turn to WD-40 when they need to remove a stubborn screw, quiet a squeaky door hinge, or clean dirt from a jammed bolt. However, did you know that this miracle solution can be used for a variety of other purposes? You may not have considered what WD-40 could be used for, but the photos we’re about to show you show that some people have. What is the end result? Some of the most inventive uses for WD-40 that most of us have never considered. We’ve compiled a list of WD-40 uses that will make you want to rush out to your local home goods or tool store and get one for your handy shed.

Stopping Records from Skipping

Vinyl record collections are resurfacing, and with them, the problem of skipping that plagued past generations of music fans. These annoying bumps make it difficult to listen to your music smoothly, but with WD-40, this will no longer be an issue.

Image courtesy of instructables.com

Vinyl records are notorious for skipping due to the ease with which the discs scratch. As any vinyl collector will tell you, it appears that even the slightest mishandling of the disc can cause it to be damaged. If this happens, you can solve the problem by lubricating the disc with WD-40 before inserting it into the record player.

Unsticking Stuck Zippers

Zippers, especially the zippers on your favorite, everyday backpack, have a habit of becoming stuck at inconvenient times. When this happens, no amount of tugging will get your zipper to budge, and you realize your bag is no longer usable.


With your trusty WD-40, you can solve the problem. How? Apply a small amount to the zipper pull and move it back and forth. As it works its way into the jammed grooves of the zipper track, it miraculously unsticks itself.

Splinter-Proofing Wooden Handles

Wooden tools are useful for a variety of tasks, but DIYers and gardeners particularly enjoy them. If you use wooden tools for these (or any other) purposes, you’ll eventually run into a situation where the handle of your favorite wooden tool begins to wear out.

Image courtesy of alibaba

Rather than tossing your tools out when they’re perfectly usable otherwise, use WD-40 to seal in the splinters and protect them. Spray it on, rub it in, and watch as the wood’s smoothness returns in a matter of seconds. No more inconvenient small cuts on your hands!

Hairbrush Cleaning

It’s no surprise that dehairing your hairbrush takes so much time and effort that it’s left undone for far longer than it should be. If you’re anything like us, you’re thinking there has to be a better way…and there is! You don’t need to wash your brush with soap and water to get rid of the excess hair.

Image courtesy of creeklinehouse.com

There’s no need to wring the tangled strands of old hair out of your hairbrush’s bristles anymore, thanks to WD-40. All you have to do is spray it on the brush and then comb it through. The strands should easily gather and be removed with the comb rather than the brush.

Crayon Marks Be Gone

If you have children, there’s a good chance that your walls have been splattered with paint. Rainbow swirls and twirls, which are likely to be found on at least a few of your home’s walls, best describe this coloring. These crayon swirls can completely transform a room and draw attention to a spot that didn’t need it to begin with.


It’s pointless to waste time trying to remove crayon from the walls with paper towels, cloths, and other materials; as you’ve probably figured out by now, it doesn’t work very well. Instead, why not use WD-40? In just a few seconds, a quick spray and wipe with a clean rag will do the trick.

Conditioning Leather Furniture

WD-40 is a miracle cure for a variety of issues. Believe it or not, it’s also a popular agent for leather furniture. It can help protect the leather from cracking, sun damage, and anything else that comes with daily life. With WD-40, you can extend the life of your leather and improve its quality.


WD-40 can be massaged into the leather with a cloth. This will assist in keeping your couch or armchair smooth, safe, and in good working order. Even if you’ve had it for a long time, it’ll appear as if you just brought it home. Are you expecting visitors? Make sure to squirt some WD-40 on that leather couch to revive it.

Bird Feeder Protection

Anyone with trees in their yard or a forest near their home has undoubtedly heard the birds chirping, and you may even feed the birds on a regular basis. However, your bird feeder will almost certainly attract hungry squirrels as well. Here’s a clever way to frighten them away:

Image courtesy of commons.wikimedia.org

These squirrels not only eat all of your bird food, but they also have a habit of destroying your feeder. You can squirrel-proof your bird feeder with WD-40, as demonstrated by this resourceful individual. Squirrels will not be able to climb up if a layer is applied to the center pole.

No More Grass Jams

Even the most expensive lawnmowers on the market today are prone to grass jams; it’s just part of the job. Even though it’s a completely normal issue, it’s still aggravating. Cleaning up the lawnmower is not only inconvenient, but it is also time consuming.


Turn off the mower and remove the grass chunks by hand if this happens. You can imagine how awful this must be for anyone who suffers from grass allergies…ouch! Is there a simple way to keep grass from getting in the way? WD-40. Simply spray the good stuff on the mower’s underside before and after each use. The issue is now resolved.

Killing Thistles

Weeds, the gardener’s worst enemy, are a constant threat. Some weeds, such as thistles, are pleasing to the eyes. The issue with these weeds is that they appear to grow at the speed of light, multiplying by the hour. Thistles aren’t the kind of guests you want in your yard, so use WD-40 to get rid of them.

Outlander blog posts/pinterest

Thistles are one of the most unfortunate weeds in the world. They may appear attractive, but when you try to remove them, their needles are likely to lodge in your skin. So why not kill them with WD-40? Plants can be majestic and beautiful in your garden, but if they multiply, they aren’t the best to have around.

Toilet Cleaning

Cleaning the toilet is perhaps the most disgusting, boring, and time-consuming aspect of bathroom maintenance. Even after using a slew of high-end toilet bowl cleaners and chemicals, the toilet still doesn’t appear to be clean! How aggravating. Not to mention when visitors leave a small gift in the toilet and forget to clean up after themselves. Ick!


You can cut your toilet cleaning time in half by incorporating WD-40 into your routine. It will take less time and effort to clean, and it will be a more enjoyable experience. Another excellent toilet cleaner? Coke! But don’t combine the two because you’ll end up with a disaster.

De-sticking Gum

Walking down the street and having your shoes stick to your feet is a terrible feeling for anyone. You know you’ve picked up a piece of chewing gum when this happens. Gross! This is one of the most vexing sensations a person can experience.


The more you walk, the more stuck this gum becomes, and by the time you get home, it’s completely stuck. It’ll take some time to get rid of it — or will it? It’s not the case with WD-40! Simply spray the affected area and watch the gum fall away. Wait for it to soak into the soles of your shoes before wearing them as usual.

Banishing Lipstick Stains

Lipstick is an essential part of any makeup enthusiast’s collection. It has an obvious aesthetic appeal, and it is generally a mess-free product. However, if it gets on your favorite white shirt, you’re in big trouble; the stuff is a staining nightmare.


If you don’t already have WD-40 on hand, the hardware store should be your first stop after discovering lipstick on your shirt. Using WD-40 to saturate the stain loosens the vibrant pigments, making it easier to wash them out in the washing machine.

Loosening Rings

Accessorizing with rings is a great way to do so. They have the ability to highlight your personal style and make you feel like a million dollars. However, even if they’re the right size, they can get stuck on your finger! Although oil is an excellent choice for loosening that ring, WD-40 can also be used.

Image courtesy of thesocialgazette.com

Water retention, circulation issues, or the natural swelling of limbs that occurs during the night are the most common causes. Regardless, having a ring stuck on your finger is not a pleasant experience. Consider applying WD-40 to the ring and your finger to speed up the process (and reduce the amount of skin you rub off by tugging!)

Extending the Life of Shower Heads

The showerhead in most bathrooms will need to be replaced at some point. With how frequently shower heads are used, it’s no surprise that they break. Sometimes they become so clogged that cleaning out the dust and grime from the shower head’s holes takes an eternity.

Bathroom Shower Head Ideas/pinterest

Fortunately, WD-40 is an excellent tool for extending the lifespan of your household shower head, which appears to be far too short. WD-40 can help you get a few more months out of your shower head, whether it’s an old model or a fancy new model with all the bells and whistles.

Removing Tar Stains

Have you ever wondered what those unsightly black stains on the bottom of your car are? They’re tar stains, and they’re almost certainly from driving on tar-covered roads. They make your car appear dirty and battered, so why not restore it with a simple fix?


If these stains bother you, you’ve probably spent hours scrubbing tar off your car’s nether regions on your hands and knees. You’ve probably gone over every possible tar removal method in your head while doing so, only to discover that none of them are as quick and easy as you’d like. That is, except for WD-40!

Separate Glassware

When glass is warmed up, it expands. As a result, glasses that are washed in the dishwasher expand during the process. They cool and contract again when they’re stacked on the shelf. What’s the end result? Glasses that are stuck together in an inconvenient way. This happens to everyone, and unsticking them can be a pain.

Image courtesy of Salarmot/Reddit

Once again, WD-40 comes to the rescue. Spray the product on your glasses and gently wiggle them apart – just make sure you hold on to them! After being sprayed down, they can be a little slick. You don’t want to break one (or three!) glasses, so pull gently.

Repairing The Appearance of Phone Screen Cracks

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what WD-40 can fix. But did you know it can also help you fix your broken phone screen? Yes, it is possible! In fact, it’s effective at repairing minor scratches and cracks.

Image courtesy of livingmgz

Of course, WD-40 won’t completely restore the screen (there’s only so much it can do), but it will significantly improve the situation. To use WD-40 in this manner, simply spray it on the screen and wipe it down with a clean, soft cloth. The product will effectively smooth out the screen and fill in the cracks.

Keeping Scissors Squeaky Clean

If you have a creative streak and enjoy a day of crafting every now and then, you’ve probably come across sticky scissors at least once. Whether you’re cutting something with glue on it or using your scissors to open a frozen treat in the middle of a craft project, your scissors can quickly become clogged.


By polishing them with WD-40, you can keep them clean and residue-free. To remove sticky residues from the blades and to make it easier to open and close the handles, spray them with WD-40. It’s also a good idea to keep WD-40 on hand in the kitchen for a quick fix on squeaky tools.

Slug Prevention

Slugs and snails are ruining your carefully potted plants, and you’re sick of it. Don’t be concerned! WD-40 can help (though we don’t recommend killing the creatures with it). They simply help to keep them at bay so that they don’t ruin your garden’s layout or your healthy plants.


Slugs and snails, as well as other insects, despise the odor of WD-40. All you have to do now is decorate your plant’s pot with it to keep them at bay. You can be as extravagant or as simple as you want; there’s no limit to how much of each item you can use. Make sure you can tolerate the odor before applying it!

Removing Cup Stains

Rustic wood that hasn’t been treated can give any home a charming, cottage-like appearance. Its only flaw is that it is easily damaged, particularly by water stains from cups and mugs. It’s for this reason that coasters were created! If you don’t have any coasters, you can use WD-40 instead.


This is where your trusty can of WD-40 comes in handy. Simply spray a small amount of the liquid onto the stain and clean it as usual. You’ll be surprised at how easily the stain lifts right off the wood, leaving your table looking as good as the day you brought it home.

Cleaning Glue and Wax Off of Carpets

Have you ever gotten glue or wax on your carpet? If that’s the case, you know how difficult it can be to get it out without ruining your carpet or causing rug burn from kneeling on the ground. You’ve probably tried a slew of different removal methods over the years that sounded good in theory but didn’t work in practice.

WD 40

These annoying buggers can stay on your carpet for weeks and are a pain to remove… but have no fear! The next time you run into this issue, pull out the WD-40; it will not damage your carpet and will dissolve the glue like butter.

Dust Removal

During the summer, air conditioning units are a godsend. They keep the house cool and clean air flowing, but they tend to stop working when they become clogged with dust. These dust particles are inconvenient and can clog up your home appliances, such as your air conditioner or vacuum cleaner.

Brian?s Best/Youtube

The first step in cooling down your home (and extending the life of your air conditioner!) is to make sure the filter is clean and free of dust buildup. While you could go in and manually remove the dust every now and then, you could simply apply a layer of WD-40 to the filter and let the greasy liquid prevent dust from sticking to it.

Mildew Removal

Nothing is more repulsive than opening your old refrigerator to discover a layer of mildew on the inside. Mildew is not only unsightly, but it also has a foul odor, so it must be removed as soon as possible.

ADVENTURES with Christian/youtube

You may be concerned that your refrigerator has been rendered completely useless – but have no fear! You have the solution to your mildew problem if you have a can of WD-40 on hand. All of the unpleasantness will be gone with a quick spray, a few minutes of sitting time, and then a wipe. Isn’t it simple and quick? It’s worth a shot.

Ice Breaker

Anyone who lives in an area where the temperature regularly drops below freezing during the winter knows how inconvenient it is to have to get up extra early to defrost your car windows. This is a must-do before driving to work or driving your children to school.

WD 40

If only defrosting the windows was a little easier. There is, as it turns out! Defrosting frozen windows with WD-40 is possible. By spraying down your windows and wiping away the excess, you can prevent ice from forming, giving you a few extra minutes of beauty rest.

Taking Lego Apart

There are numerous occasions when you wish your Lego creations would stay put indefinitely. However, there are times when you’d rather take them apart than put them back together – but the pieces are stuck together! It can be time-consuming to remove the pieces one by one. But not any longer!

WD 40

So, rather than wasting an entire day attempting to unstick the stubborn pieces and eventually giving up, why not get the job done quickly and without a hitch? If that appeals to you, WD-40 is the answer! It unsticks even the tightest fitting pieces due to its greasy nature.

Cleaning Dirty Piano Keys

Even if they aren’t used very often, piano keys, like anything else that is left out in the open and has crevices and small cracks, can become gunky and gross. Keys that are used on a regular basis, on the other hand, are even worse…talk about filthy!

WD 40

Spraying the product between the keys will aid in the removal of gunk and grime, ensuring that your sharp cords never fall flat. It will not only keep them clean, but it will also keep you healthy by removing germs. Make sure you clean your keyboard or piano on a regular basis to prevent bacteria from settling in.

Keeping Silver Bright

WD-40 has our backs when it comes to removing stuck screws or oily squeaky hinges. But did you know it can also be used to restore the luster of your favorite silver goblet or pure silver bangles? Yes, it sure can.


The easiest way to clean silver is with WD-40 and a gentle polishing cloth. All you need is a soft cloth and a can of liquid magic; no elbow grease or special polishes are required. With this simple fix, your silver will look as good as new. There’s no need to go out and buy new silverware when you can simply repair the ones you already have.

Detangling Fishing Lines

After a long, monotonous week at work, nothing beats a weekend fishing trip. When you open your tackle box, you expect to find your fishing line and accessories neatly laid out as you left them, only to discover that your fishing line has become a tangled mess of strings.


When this happens, you’re probably going to throw the whole mess out, right? It’s something we’re all guilty of. If you want to save your line, keep a can of WD-40 in your tackle box and carefully untangle it with a pin after spraying it down. Voila! You’ll want to bring WD-40 on all of your fishing trips after seeing this quick fix.

Keeping Bugs Out of Car Grilles

In the summer, driving through open space invites bugs to congregate in your car’s grille. It’s incredible how quickly they seem to pile up, forming inch-thick piles that look terrible. It also gives the impression that your car is an insect graveyard.


Use WD-40 to help wipe away the dead bugs the next time you go to de-bug your grille. Then, the next time you go for a drive, reapply a layer to help prevent them from sticking. It may sound ridiculous, but it actually works! You can also keep a bottle in your car in case of any road bumps.

Removing Old Snowboard Wax

Any winter sports enthusiast will tell you that waxing your equipment is critical. Waxing your skis and snowboard is necessary to ensure a safe and enjoyable session. Surfboards are in the same boat. Waxing surfboards is necessary for good grip.


However, the wax that was supposed to keep you safe can start to build up after a while. This build-up can be hazardous, which is why it’s critical to remove old wax on a regular basis. A WD-40 spray can be used to cut through the layers of old wax.

Preventing Wasp Nests

Do you have a bee phobia? What about giant wasps? Wasp nests will almost certainly give you a heart attack if you do. But don’t be concerned! You’re covered with WD-40. They can also help with wasps because they can help with insects flying into your car.


WD-40 can also be used to keep wasps from building nests, as if it didn’t have enough uses already. The odor is like kryptonite to insects, including wasps, as we mentioned earlier in our list. WD is also waterproof and has a long shelf life after being sprayed. As a result, you’ll have a foolproof method for keeping wasps out of your roof’s cracks and crevices.

Waterproofing Chalk Masterpieces

t’s unlikely that you’ll be a chalk artist. Even if your best chalk drawing isn’t going to win any talent contests, it’s safe to say you’re disappointed when you go outside and discover that your painstakingly drawn chalk masterpiece has been washed away by the previous night’s rain.

Image courtesy of lunaparkarts.com

Invest in a bottle of everyone’s favorite multi-purpose product, WD-40, if you want to keep your chalk drawing for more than a night. A layer applied to the top of your completed chalk drawing effectively waterproofs it. Isn’t that a neat little trick? You can also teach this cool little hack to your friends who are into chalk art.

Restoring the Appearance of Lawn Furniture

It’s time to break out the trusty plastic lawn chairs now that the snow has melted and the temperature outside has risen. They were vibrant and clean when you first got them, but after years of use, you notice that they’re starting to show signs of wear.


Even though their stability is unaffected by their appearance, you can’t help but notice how bad they look. Don’t be concerned that your guests will be turned off by the state of your outdoor furniture. A quick wipe down with WD-40 will restore their appearance.

Barnacle Removal

Barnacles get stuck on boats all the time, and you’ve probably wondered how they get rid of them. Barnacles are a crustacean species that are familiar to boat owners. Barnacles, like snails, are frequently seen in large numbers that result in multiple zeros. They’re harmless on their own.


They’re a huge pain on boats, though. They have the ability to grow right into the boat’s hull, calcifying and making removal nearly impossible. A large group can cause the boat to slow down, necessitating more gas to propel it forward. WD-40 turns out to be an excellent barnacle remover.

Taking Care of Rust

If you have rusted tools, one of your first thoughts is probably to throw them away. But hold on! Reach for the WD-40 before tossing your rusted-over tools or busting the rusted-over lock on your garden shed.


You’d be surprised how well WD-40 breaks down and removes rust on tools that appear to be beyond repair. Its rust-prevention abilities, however, aren’t limited to the shed. No, it can also be used to de-rust your kitchen knives and appliances!

Lubricating A Shovel

Spring has arrived! Is there a better time to start a home garden than now? Right now, to be exact. You take your shovel outside and try to dig into the dirt with it. Within seconds, you realize how difficult the task at hand will be.

Image courtesy of familyhandyman

Put WD-40 to work instead of breaking every bone in your back trying to dig up the alarmingly solid dirt. Before you start digging, spray it on the blade of your shovel. Using this method, your shovel should have an easier time piercing the dirt, and once it’s on your spade, it should roll right off.

Removing Annoying Price Tags and Stickers

Price tags and stickers are frequently affixed to various parts of products by manufacturers. Almost anything you buy from the grocery store can have a sticker on it, including books, dishes, DVDs, and toys.

Image courtesy of familyhandyman

We enjoy the challenge of attempting to remove a stick without breaking it. What we don’t care for is the sticky residue that is frequently left behind. You may wonder what can be done to solve the problem. Of course, WD-40! Spray, remove, and wipe are all that’s required.

Tile Cleaning

Cleaning your shower or floor tiles can be a time-consuming chore, but if you value your sanity and the cleanliness of your home, you know that it is necessary. There’s no need to feel like Cinderella during the process, even if you have to do it.

Image courtesy of familyhandyman

Use WD-40 to remove the grout and grime from the tiles instead of breaking out the toothbrush and getting tile imprints on your knees. Simply squirt the area, then wash it down with soap and water. Anything else on the tiles (nail polish, for example) will be removed as well. Bonus!

Cleaning Dirty Shoes

Sneakers are among the first items to become filthy. They’re also one of the first things to become permanently discolored, but what if you could get the stains out without harming your shoes?

Image courtesy of Shuttershock.com

Simply spraying and wiping your dirty old Nikes with WD-40 will make them as clean as they were when they were first manufactured. Not quite… However, you get the idea! This isn’t the only way to keep your shoes looking spotless, but it helps!

Fishing Lure Enhancement

Are you tired of your old can of WD-40 taking up space in your shed? Don’t forget to use it the next time you go fishing! It’s incredible how much WD-40 can improve your chances of landing a big catch. Although WD-40 is not a bait, it can be used to help attract fish.


This resourceful fisherman has begun using the product to polish his lures, making them shinier and more appealing to passing fish. We don’t recommend this use because WD-40 isn’t good for wildlife.

Erasing Water Stains

Have you ever wondered how something meant to keep you clean can become so filthy so quickly? So, we’ve come to the conclusion that cleaning the water out of the bathtub and shower doors is a task best left to someone with a lot of patience.

Image courtesy of blog.inspireuplift.com

Scrubbing water stains not only takes a long time, but it also requires more elbow grease than we’d like. Thankfully, WD-40 can be used as a quick-fix solution. So, what do you have to lose? When you have the opportunity, pick up a can of WD-40.